Sushi Recipes & Techniques

Step 1: Preparing the Salmon Filet

Before you begin, cut the salmon filet into a rough oblong shape, remembering to keep the fat lines at an angle for ease of slicing.

Position your knife at a 45-degree angle at one end of the filet, supporting the side with the tips of your fingers. Allow the knife to glide diagonally through the flesh with ease. Reposition the knife approximately 0.5 cm (1/5 of an inch) from the edge and repeat. You will need approximately 5-6 slices per one sushi roll.

Set the filet slices aside on a plate and cover with cling film, then refrigerate until needed.


Step 2: Constructing the Sushi Roll

Lay the Nori sheet flat on your chopping board. Fold it in half, and press lightly along the seam with your finger. Reopen the sheet and position flat, then, with the blade of your knife, score gently along the seam, separating the two halves. Discard one half.

With moistened fingers, transfer 120 grams of cooked white sushi rice onto the Nori sheet. Fluff out the rice with the tips of your fingers, covering roughly ninety per cent of the surface area. Leave a small, 1 cm space along the nearest length.

Hold both corners of the Nori sheet between your thumb and forefinger. Flip the entire Nori sheet over quickly onto the bamboo rolling mat.

Next, you’ll want to add the filling. Start by positioning the three tempura battered shrimps head-to-tail along the central length of the Nori sheet. Arrange the julienne cucumber behind the shrimp.

Lift the edge of the rolling mat closest to you, and begin manipulating it into a curve, applying firm pressure with your fingers. Continue rolling forwards until the sushi roll is sealed.


Step 3: Cutting and Finishing the Roll

Position the sushi roll horizontally on your chopping board. Begin adding slices of salmon vertically along the top, allowing each to overlap very slightly. You will need approximately 5-6 slices to cover the entire surface area.

Next, cover the sushi roll with cling film. Use the bamboo rolling mat to compress the roll, and ‘firm it up’.

Moisten the blade of your knife with a little cold water to prevent the rice from sticking to it. Then, make a single cut at the center of the sushi roll. Cut the roll again into quarters, and the quarters into eighths. Use the bamboo rolling mat once again to ‘firm up’ the contents. Remove the cling film.

Transfer the sushi roll slices onto a ceramic plate, and top each with a small amount of Masago. Serve with a colorful cucumber and carrot garnish to compliment.



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